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Interview & live in the show Musiques du Monde to listen here:

"Attention talent! (...) The 12 songs of Circo Circo are addictive and catchy, evoking the decomplexed syncretism of a Raúl Paz, the sunny cheerfulness of a Calypso Rose or the versatility of a Joe Bataan. Without a doubt, Buscando una forma de liquidarte, El Circo de la Sombra or Rosana should quickly make Radio Latina's waves vibrate. In the meantime, go on stage and discover one of the most exciting bands of the moment! "QUE TAL PARIS


¿Who's The Cuban? bring together in a creative shaker the energy of the Fania All Stars, the elegancy of Yuri Buenaventura, the musicality of Manu Dibango, the flamboyancy of Carlos Santana, the finesse of Chico Buarque, a generous invitation to dance " MUSIC INDIE

"The brass are powerful, the rhythm often wild, the guitars sometimes rock, the voices warm and melodious. In brief, we are already taking our flight ticket to Havana! "AFICIA.INFO

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"Who are these salsero that mix rock and salsa? Who are these guys who want to bring the son cubano to the rock scene? "DJOLO


« ¿Who’s The Cuban? revoluciona la sonoridad y le da un enfoque universal, con un pie en la tradicion, pero al mismo tiempo, otro en la musica del mundo, el Reggae, el Rock y la Musica Antillana » LATIN SOLAR CLUB


"¿Who's The Cuban?, it's dynamite with Buscando a liquidarte forma" Sens Critique